Strategic Supply Manager

 Nr ref. R/65/2018/PDH



Project phase


1.      Develop thorough understanding of the European Alkane and Olefin markets

2.      Develop contact with potential Propane, Ethylene, Propylene suppliers

3.      Support supplier selection process

4.      Negotiate future commercial agreements with potential feedstock suppliers

5.      Develop alternative supply/source options for the project

6.      Feedback market trends/value to the business team

7.      Follow logistics options and evolutions linked with the maritime terminal facility 


Pre-start-up phase


1.      Manage closely quality, and logistic requirement during supplier qualification process

2.      Ensure logistic deployment is adequate with respect to feedstock supply needs.

3.      Implement the contracting strategy to ensure supply for a smooth start-up of PDH and PP

4.      Support implementation of ISO and quality standards for supply operations

5.      Support implementation of procedures and IT systems (SAP …) for supply operation

6.      Act as focal point of the commercial team for all feedstock aspect of the project, especially in interfacing with project team or operation


Post-start-up commercial operation


1.      Liaise with production and planning to organize feedstock supply in adequation with quality and volume needs.

2.      Manage commercial spot negotiations for the part of the supply which is not contracted. 

3.      Liaise with Marine Logistic to ensure that operational requirements are met by selected suppliers.  

4.      Ongoing feed back to Business Management on market value evolution, and feedstock focal point to support all commercial processes (business planning)




1.      Experience in commercial operations in Alkane, Olefin business 

2.      Good knowledge of oil and gas markets 

3.      Autonomy in organising her/his work to meet objectives

4.      Capable to design and manage complex tasks interfacing internally and with external companies

5.      Capable to represent PDH in front of external partners

6.      Caring for a high level of internal and external communication standards

7.      Fluent in Polish and English allowing free business communication

8.      Familiar with maritime regulations and operations







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